Smart Living Electronics Trading is an authorized distributor of TIS products and providing smartest TIS home automation solutions in Dubai and all over UAE. Our vast experience will help you find smart and affordable solutions for your needs. You will wonder to experience how range of TIS products can automate your environment.

TIS range includes relay controls, dimmers, power supplies, gateways, sensors, control panels and other accessories. The benefit of TIS products include a train connection system that eliminate the need for massive wiring and each module connects together. The products also have anti fire casings and intelligent programming that makes complex tasks simple. If you are considering affordable office & home automation solutions for your environment then TIS is what you need.

Smart Living has been integrating the most advanced home automation systems since 1999 through TIS Technology. With its advanced Smart Home products you can able to control everything at your home under one brand, TIS. Our technology controls all electrical functions in your home from lighting, sound, curtains and shutters and even includes climate control. We also install home theater, security and CCTV systems for residential and commercial properties. Our systems may be installed in new or existing structures and may be accessed and controlled over the mobile phone or the Internet.

With trained and certified professionals we can handle projects of any size. We have a rare combination of systems designers and installers that can provide creative designs. We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building your dream home. Our way is to work alongside clients to determine the best systems for your project based upon your individual needs and budget. Our TIS technology controls and monitors various home functions to maximize safety, comfort, and convenience and energy savings.