Mars Panel 8 Gangs MRS-8G

With 8 buttons . 2 colors LED for each button and backlit, this Panel has built in IR receiver for remotely control by TIS-MRC hand held remote control, the Mars Series designed to fit in any back box (US, UK, Europe standard) , this Panel can use any type of Panel Addition for TIS Bus network connection to controlling the lights, music, air-condition, motor and other appliances…


Important Features

– 8 buttons for lighting , scene and other controlling function

– Each button has 2 LED colors blue & red

– each button has LED backlit with laser engraving.

– Can Be programmed manually or by TIS software.

– built-in Infrared receiver.

– It has 7 different colors with nice finishing.

– Can be attached to any type of Panel Addition.

– Working with TIS bus protocol

– PC anti-flame case.

– UL USA certified terminal, ICs and PCB.

– Product CE certified.


Inputs Temp sensor
IR receiver
Using Panel Addition
TIS Infrared code receiver
2-3 Digital Inputs
Outputs Using Panel Addition 3R
Using Panel Addition 3DL-12V
Using Panel Addition 2DL-IRE
3 Relay Output 3A/5A
12V DC 50mA Output
IR Emitter
TIS Bus   Number of devices on 1 line
Bus voltage
Current consumption
Max. 64
12-32 V DC
<35 mA / 24 V DC
Protection Protection Rever se Polarity Protection
ESD Protection
Reaction time  approx.  20ms
Mounting   Wall mount by 2 screws on the back box (UK ,  Europe,  US)
Connection terminal  Data 2 mail pins connector s to fit in panel addition
Operating and display elements 12/8/4 Buttons
Indicator LED
TIS bus
For controlling lights, scene, etc…
12/8/4 Blue and Orange LED
6/4/2 pairs of White neon LED
TIS Protocol massages and commands
1 X mini USB for up to date upgrading
Functions    1 Press
Long Press
Double click
IR receiver
Dim or ramp the lights
Extra Scene
Music, scene, lights control
Weight   Without packaging 140 g
Dimensions    Width x length x height 90 * 125 * 15-21 peak
Housing  Materials
Casing color
Internal Par ts  color
PC anti fire
Black/Titanium,   Silver,   White,   Champaign,
coal,  Bronze or special color
Black  &  White
Temperature range Operation
Air humidity <85% non-condensing


Data Sheet (PDF)

Rev. 1.1

Wiring Diagram (PDF)

Rev. 1.1